Unify your leadership team
around a strategic vision in one day.

Use our software combined with an expert facilitator so everyone is committed to the why, what, and how of your business.

Does your tribe own it’s battle cry?

Does your leadership team agree on what makes your organization radically different from your competition? Is your organization comitted to the same the inspiring vision? Can your leaders make better decisions more quickly? Do your employees know how their day-to-day tasks tie to a bigger vision ?

Are you wasting precious time?

You’re not alone. We’ll help.

Get clear in a day

Get what took us 15 years of experience
and research—in 8 hours.

It’s a workflow that breaks big decisions into smaller ones. Creates consensus so your leadership team will buy into: Who you are. Who you are selling to. What problems you are solving. Why you do it. Where you’re going. And why people should buy from you versus the other guys.

  • Everyone engaged and committed so you can execute faster
  • Rapid process vs. traditional methods that take far too long
  • Not your traditional boring meetings but a challenging collaboration
  • Empower leaders, employees, and partners to make smart choices quickly
  • Sleep well at night, know sales and marketing messages will sync with what’s delivered
  • Adapt quickly as the market changes
  • Shorter meetings using decision criteria that’s stripped of BS
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According to Gallup,
this is what employees say
about their leadership:

• 22% They have a clear direction
• 15% They make me enthusiastic about the organization’s future
• 13% They communicate their vision effectively

If you’re unclear what your team would say,
you can use this tool to assess your current strategic vision.

Start now

Where do we start to get clear in a day?

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Get clear on your ‘why’.

See your team perform the way you always knew it could.

Most business leaders understand strategic vision answers “why”, strategic objectives answers the “what” and strategic tactics answers “how”.

The struggle comes when you skip the ‘why’or answer it poorly.

 You’re left with two options: Hesitate because you didn’t define criteria for making decisions or guess. And hope it doesn’t fail.

When your ‘why’ is unclear—50% or more of your initiatives are likely to fail.

Avoid common failures (and a disengaged team) caused by traditional strategic planning methods.

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The results our clients are reporting

Unified GTM plan after merger

Read case study

330% growth in five months

Read case study

Doubled revenue in 7 months

Read case study

On track for 278% growth

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What others are saying about Vision Platform

“We went from being unfocused in our messaging to sought after.”
—Jim Burnhan, Six Nines, Drector of business development

“Investing time in Vision Platform process will pay back in spades. We were forced to describe what we do very simply, which made us aware of our superpower and the specific audience we should be focusing on. We just did this exercise on our own, but this method gave us more clarity and allowed us to focus our resources for the greatest effect. We doubled our revenue and team in seven months”   
— Randy, CMO, nClouds 

“Our work session went better than I could have anticipated! They engaged the entire leadership team for the entire day. After that first hour and witnessing the power of this method, Our CEO recognized the value and changed his schedule to participate for the whole day. 
— Katy, CMO, 8K Miles

“This should be taught in every MBA program. It’s efficient and comprehensive.”     

“Strategic Planning is like having a Physical. Something they know they should do, but not something they look forward to completing. Shari made the process painless and effective. The process engaged the entire team, highlighted items we were unaware of and surfaced blind spots.”
— Charlie, CEO, Knowledge Anywhere

“With this method, we reached our 300% revenue growth goal in ten months That wouldn’t have happened without this method.”
— Ian, CEO Volant


Partners and Partner Networks

The Vision Platform Roadmap

Generate Your Vision is the start.

After getting clear in a day, keep iterating and building on what you know and what you learn. No need to hire an outside consultant for several months and big $$,$$$. Use your collective knowledge to learn from the inside first.

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*Are you a member of one of our partner programs? Let’s talk custom pricing.

We’re not a match if

You want to cluster power at the top.

You’d prefer making random, subjective decisions.

You’d rather be right than rich.

You’re comfortable with ‘good enough’.

Your ego is too fragile to be open to new ideas. Same for your core leadership team.

But if you and your leadership team are willing to start with ‘why’ and inspire your ogranization to achieve even more, then let’s work together.

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Watch what clients say

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