Leadership alignment evaluation

Know exactly how your team evaluates their level alignment in light of anonymous data.

Many leadership teams believe they are mostly aligned. With this engaging work session you will uncover how your leadership team views their alignment before and after they see their teammate’s perspective on five critical elements: Values/principles, Culture/personality, Why/purpose, Future state/Long-term goal, Value proposition/unique differentiator. With a one-hour commitment, you will see a true measure of your team’s alignment.

1) Gather Knowledge with initial survey
Before your one-hour session, we’ll use anonymous surveys to gather data from your team

2) Final Survey
In a online meeting, your leadership team will review and evaluate the survey results anonymously and discuss any needed actions for each of the five elements led by one of our experts.

3) Link to share results
Now that you have this level of clarity, you can share the results with anyone who could not attend.

  • Small time commitment for this level of clarity
  • Know where your efforts may be compromised
  • Get everyone on the same page so you can execute any changes rapidly without push back
  • Not your traditional boring meeting: a challenging dialogue that will engage

Everyone will be confident in your conclusions because you have challenged yourselves with a rigorous approach.

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