Unified Go-To-Market plan

8K Miles Software Services, Inc., a leading provider of secure Cloud solutions and managed services for highly regulated industries and enterprise information technology business transformation solutions acquired Cornerstone Advisors Group, LLC, a national leader in health information technology advisory and implementation services. The acquisition brought the world-class Cloud hosting and technology solutions of 8K Miles to Cornerstone’s clients, allowing them to further optimize their EHR efforts, manage data more effectively, improve patient care, and reduce healthcare costs. To merge efficiently they needed agreement among the two senior leadership teams around a solid GTM plan.

The Challenge

The Solution

Pinpoint clarity on their unique differentiator for a complex set of offerings and practice areas Leadership team crafted a positioning statement they had confidence in
Ensuring they had compelling messages for decision makers in the sales process Identified the most important messages by buyer group
Engaging and communicating a clear vision to the broader leadership team Shared the collective vision with broader leadership team
Desired more clarity on launching their combined expertise One-day GTM accelerator session with their leadership team

The Benefits

Foundation to
align marketing

A clearly defined, unique differentiator and collective purpose offered the ability to unify their marketing.


Leadership team
aligned around GTM plan

In one day the leadership team defined fifteen elements of their GTM, which was easily communicated throughout the larger leadership team. With an authentic vision that resonated with the leadership team, there was a high-level of confidence in the vision with the broader leadership teams.

Reaching more
cloud clients

The synergy between sales teams between AWS, 8K Miles, and Cornerstone has generated an increase in sales opportunities in the USA and Canada.