VIDEO: align individual, team, and company purpose


Hello, I’m Shari Burk, CEO, and founder of Vision Platform
And thank you for joining this series on how to build a resilient business. Using fast, simple, and outcome-based tools.

Today I’m talking about simple steps to connect the dots between personal, team, and company purpose.

This one of the tools in our purpose-driven toolkit.
Which makes it simple to engage your entire organization in your strategic vision.

Purpose-driven companies 
make more money, 
have more engaged employees,
and are better at innovation— according to a Harvard Business Review Study

Many companies skip creating alignment around purpose because they don’t understand how it will increase profitability by creating greater loyalty and commitment. A study conducted by PwC shows Millennials are 5.3 times more likely to stay with a company when they have a strong connection to their purpose.

Non-millennials are 2.3 times more likely to stay. Yet, only 27% of business leaders connect employee purpose to company purpose.

What you’ll need before beginning this exercise is a clear, authentic collective purpose for your organization. We don’t have time to go into detail on getting agreement around an inspiring collective purpose today. But at the end of the video, I’ll make sure you know where to go for more info.

What are simple steps you can take to uncover where your team is aligned or not aligned around your why- your reason for existing as an organization??

The first step is getting clarity around your employee’s individual purpose. Here’s what we do for our clients…
We create an online collaboration board for each team member.
Individually they brainstorm their personal purpose answering these questions:
What mattered to them at different phases in life —— and what matters now.
Next, each individual identifies themes or concepts and then crafts their personal purpose statement to share with the group.

Now you’re ready for a team discussion
Compare your team’s individual purposes with the collective purpose of the organization.
Talk about how they overlap and don’t- where you are aligned and not.

You can also take the time to develop a team purpose that makes sense with your team’s function within the company.
What purpose statement can you create that connects your individual purposes with the company purpose??
—Brainstorm together as a team
—Vote on the most important ideas
—Then, craft a team purpose statement
—Once you think you have your team purpose, you’ll all need to evaluate your statement – each of you needs to say yes to each of these questions. (see video for questions) If there is a no, discuss how you can adapt your team purpose statement until you agree.
—Finally, you’ll want to write a short but brilliant rationale explaining how your team purpose connects to the company purpose.

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