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Shari unifies leadership teams and galvanizes the organization long term by aligning purpose and action, which has fueled her career as an accomplished inventor, entrepreneur, author and public speaker with extensive experience developing, facilitating and delivering business strategy and execution that generates high performing teams.
20 02, 2021

Perception VS. Reality of company alignment

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  Many business leaders believe the process they use for aligning their team is good enough. Transcript Visual: “Perception:” Aligned people VO: Many business leaders believe the process they use for aligning their team is good enough. Visual: “Reality" Misaligned people VO: 78% of employees don’t believe their leaders have a solid plan 87% [...]

3 02, 2021


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Here is the Harvard Business Review's survey on THE BUSINESS CASE FOR PURPOSE. 84%of executives believe an organization that has a shared purpose will be more successful in transformation efforts. Check it our —there are some impressive stats: https://hbr.org/resources/pdfs/comm/ey/19392HBRReportEY.pdf

1 02, 2021

Align individual, team, and company purpose

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VIDEO: align individual, team, and company purpose   Hello, I’m Shari Burk, CEO, and founder of Vision Platform And thank you for joining this series on how to build a resilient business. Using fast, simple, and outcome-based tools. Today I’m talking about simple steps to connect the dots between personal, team, and company purpose. [...]

27 01, 2021

Business Case For Purpose

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Another great article from Forbes I have to share: The Power Of Purpose: The Business Case For Purpose — It's All The Data You Were Looking For (Pt 1) https://www.forbes.com/sites/afdhelaziz/2020/03/07/the-power-of-purpose-the-business-case-for-purpose-all-the-data-you-were-looking-for-pt-1/?sh=47cbfd8d30ba

13 01, 2021

Ted Talk on the anti-CEO

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This Ted Talk is intriguing: New ideas for the next generation of CEOs. Like the Anti-Hero in a screenplay, we need bold leaders who will build wealth. https://www.ted.com/talks/hamdi_ulukaya_the_anti_ceo_playbook

11 01, 2021

10+ toolsets for building a resilient company

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It's time to embrace the future. Marshal the best of ourselves and the best of our team. Unify and iterate quickly around a solid plan. And re-invent a future that will allow us to thrive in business and as a community. BUT how—without compromising our forward motion? Here's how. We're releasing a series of resources for [...]

9 01, 2021

Join me at Women In Cloud Digital Summit – January 28 – 30

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Our collective power begins now! Join me at Women In Cloud Digital Summit - January 28 - 30, 2021. Let’s change the global narrative together by igniting purpose-driven entrepreneurship and leadership in the tech industry. Use code 15WIC for 15% off! Click here to learn more: https://women-in-cloud-summit-2021.heysummit.com/?sc=UyT0yCQI&ac=Yptp5Y4F #womenincloud #shesoars

6 01, 2021

WiC Digital Summit 2021 is finally here!

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Book your corporate passes for this much awaited event slated to be held between 28th and 30th January, at https://bit.ly/2J8i0s5 . If you attend, you will get a chance to hear a galaxy of women achievers speak on women-led interventions in technology and opportunities for women tech entrepreneurs in the global economy. Each pass comes with [...]

5 01, 2021

Small decisions that make leaders extraordinary

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This last year has given me more time to ponder what makes a great leader. Great INC article thought-provoking. The split-second questions and decisions that can change your life—the ones that change who you are and how you act. https://www.inc.com/carol-kauffman/the-split-second-question-that-can-change-your-life.html    

4 01, 2021

Build a resilient company explained

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How can you build a resilient company? Developing brilliant growth strategies in this economy requires adapting fast. We’ve broken down essential tools into easy-to-follow processes that empower any team to rally around a strategic vision, develop a solid growth plan, foster innovation, and reinvent the future. With these resources, you'll have simple, step-by-step toolkits that will [...]

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