Rapid expantion for
AWS Consulting Practice

Belle Fleur brought many areas of technical expertise to AWS; however, marketing was not one fo them. Knowing they had to sell to not only the technology decision-maker but the business decision-maker, they needed clear and meaningful messaging to stand out with limited resources. They knew they needed to move from referrals to generating leads if they wanted to become a powerful partner in the South East.

The Challenge

The Solution

Maximize their time and cost investment for sales and marketin Identified their most effective types of buyers and their motivations
Spend MDF funds wisely Began aggressive marketing after understanding their differentiator
Pinpoint clarity for their internal and external messaging Identify the most important messages by buyer group
Aggressive yet targeted growth as quickly as possible One-day GTM accelerator session with their leadership team

The Benefits

Clear guidelines for communicating
their unique diffentiator

Bell Fleur now has the confidence to focus their marketing and sales efforts, on their ideal audience, which increased their effectiveness. For the first, time potential clients easily understood what they were offering and how it solved real-life issues. Those prospects could then quickly make a decision, dramatically reducing their sales cycle. Using AWS co-branded materials increased trust as well. The conversation changed from the uncertainty of what they do, to how do we get this done quickly?

Focus on the strengths
of their practice.

The strength of their practice is a combination of Well-Architected Reviews, migration, big data, and trust. This clarity allowed them to create a message that is meaningful to their potential buyers and build credibility among the APN community— because they were clear on who they are as an organization and who they are not. It also helped them make decisions about their business. Where to focus their energy and when to pass off a project to another partner, reinforcing trust to both the APN and their clients.

Confidence to invest
in marketing & sales

The first use of AWS matching funds was utilizing Vision Platform’s method to rapidly accelerate their GTM plan. Armed with the confidence in their plan, they were ready to utilize the rest of the funding wisely, which increased trust. They proved their value and the amount of supporting funds increased 5X. Their first marketing effort brought 200 leads and closed an international customer they continue to serve. They now have a contact list of over 75,000 potential decision-makers they can regularly target.