20 02, 2021

Perception VS. Reality of company alignment

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  Many business leaders believe the process they use for aligning their team is good enough. Transcript Visual: “Perception:” Aligned people VO: Many business leaders believe the process they use for aligning their team is good enough. Visual: “Reality" Misaligned people VO: 78% of employees don’t believe their leaders have a solid plan 87% [...]

3 02, 2021


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Here is the Harvard Business Review's survey on THE BUSINESS CASE FOR PURPOSE. 84%of executives believe an organization that has a shared purpose will be more successful in transformation efforts. Check it our —there are some impressive stats: https://hbr.org/resources/pdfs/comm/ey/19392HBRReportEY.pdf

27 01, 2021

Business Case For Purpose

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Another great article from Forbes I have to share: The Power Of Purpose: The Business Case For Purpose — It's All The Data You Were Looking For (Pt 1) https://www.forbes.com/sites/afdhelaziz/2020/03/07/the-power-of-purpose-the-business-case-for-purpose-all-the-data-you-were-looking-for-pt-1/?sh=47cbfd8d30ba

13 01, 2021

Ted Talk on the anti-CEO

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This Ted Talk is intriguing: New ideas for the next generation of CEOs. Like the Anti-Hero in a screenplay, we need bold leaders who will build wealth. https://www.ted.com/talks/hamdi_ulukaya_the_anti_ceo_playbook

11 01, 2021

10+ toolsets for building a resilient company

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It's time to embrace the future. Marshal the best of ourselves and the best of our team. Unify and iterate quickly around a solid plan. And re-invent a future that will allow us to thrive in business and as a community. BUT how—without compromising our forward motion? Here's how. We're releasing a series of resources for [...]

9 01, 2021

Join me at Women In Cloud Digital Summit – January 28 – 30

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Our collective power begins now! Join me at Women In Cloud Digital Summit - January 28 - 30, 2021. Let’s change the global narrative together by igniting purpose-driven entrepreneurship and leadership in the tech industry. Use code 15WIC for 15% off! Click here to learn more: https://women-in-cloud-summit-2021.heysummit.com/?sc=UyT0yCQI&ac=Yptp5Y4F #womenincloud #shesoars

6 01, 2021

WiC Digital Summit 2021 is finally here!

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Book your corporate passes for this much awaited event slated to be held between 28th and 30th January, at https://bit.ly/2J8i0s5 . If you attend, you will get a chance to hear a galaxy of women achievers speak on women-led interventions in technology and opportunities for women tech entrepreneurs in the global economy. Each pass comes with [...]

5 01, 2021

Small decisions that make leaders extraordinary

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This last year has given me more time to ponder what makes a great leader. Great INC article thought-provoking. The split-second questions and decisions that can change your life—the ones that change who you are and how you act. https://www.inc.com/carol-kauffman/the-split-second-question-that-can-change-your-life.html    

1 01, 2021

Reevaluating how profit is created

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Check out this article from Forbes: Profits still matter it’s the way we get there that’s changing. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinessdevelopmentcouncil/2020/08/18/how-the-pandemic-has-driven-corporations-to-reevaluate-their-purpose/#2766cff94e4b