Accelerate AWS Partnership
Doubled Revenue & Team

nClouds had a history of deep AWS technical capabilities but had not harnessed the full power of an AWS partnership to grow the business. There were clear opportunities for growth by demonstrating AWS credentials, competencies, and certifications to prospective clients and aligning their go-to-market plans with AWS. They brought in senior marketing, sales, and business development team members to grow nClouds and nOps. They required a clear vision and path to execution for every department within their organization if they were to reach their substantial goals.

The Challenge

The Solution

Develop focused, high-yield GTM in the shortest time possible. Leadership team crafted a positioning statement they had confidence in
Pinpoint clarity for their internal and external messaging Identified the most important messages by buyer group
Clarity for building an inspiring internal culture Shared the collective vision company-wide
Launching a software product while growing the consulting services company One-day GTM accelerator session with their leadership team for both brands
AWS Alignment, particularly around the Partner Business Plan AWS alignment exercise
Sustaining customer satisfaction through aggressive growth and scale Utilized their collective vision as decision-making guidelines
Intentional about building an inspiring internal culture, but knew they needed clarity Gained consensus around an authentic vision for their entire organization

The Benefits

Accelerated path to
advancing partnership status

Confidence in a clear foundation they provided a deliberate path that the organization rallied around— solid decision criteria company-wide. Each department made quick decisions based on their strengths, avoiding costly distractions. Timeline for their accomplishments included: six weeks Migration Competency; four months Premiere Consulting Partner; five months Strategic Collaboration Agreement; seven months Advanced Technology Partner.

Rapid business growth
while maintaining the quality of service

Doubled revenue, doubled team size, achieved leadership in the volume of AWS Well-Architected Reviews globally, and emerged as an AWS strategic partner in NorCal. But also stayed true to customer first values, maintaining their quality of service and customer satisfaction with rapid growth. With the clarity to focus marketing and sales efforts on key segments and AWS programs, they were able to achieve unprecedented growth.

Clear GTM plan for new
SaaS product, nOps

An aligned leadership team focused their resources and simplified their decision-making process around how to develop and promote nOps. With clearly defined customer requirements, use cases, personas, and differentiation they were able to drive new product development, UX, messaging, pricing, go-to-market strategy efficiently. Further, they defined nOps channel partner program and generated strong alignment with AWS programs like AWS Well-Architected.

“Investing time in the Vision Platform process will pay back in spades. They’ll have a 10X return or better, simply by focusing the business on the greatest opportunity, highest return, and best differentiation. It’s a good return on investment because of the focus it provides the company going forward…We were forced to describe what we do very simply, which made us aware of our superpower and the specific audience we should be focusing on. We just did this exercise on our own, but this method gave us more clarity and allowed us to focus our resources for the greatest effect.”
— Randy, CMO, nClouds, AWS Premier Partner