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Use this online collaboration toolkit to equip your leadership team with a proven process to co-create a clear strategic vision.

This is perfect if you want to accelerate a business strategy process, new sales/marketing push, funding round, go-to-market plan, or unify a leadership team in transition.

NOTE: It will take 1-24 hours to create your online collaboration board and user credentials.

Increase your team’s performance by adding services.

Gather collective intelligence

Improve your team's performance by having us to create surveys to gather the collective intelligence from your stakeholders. We will then use that data to pre-populate your collaboration board, which will accelerate your process.

Focus day coach

Have Shari Burk, the founder of Vision Platform coach your team's focus session for $2000.00.
Reduce your time to execute. Get insights fast.

Self-evaluation + Workshop

Your team completes a online evaluation to uncover skill and process gaps that will stop you from reaching your growth goals. Based on that data, an expert will coach your team through 1-hour workshop.


Unify your leadership team around a strategic vision in one day.

Does your leadership team agree on why your organization is radically different from the competition?
Is your organization committed to the same inspiring vision?
Can your leaders make smart decisions more quickly?
Do your employees know if their day-to-day tasks tie to a bigger vision?

Successful business leaders not only have a compelling vision for their organization, but they know how to communicate this vision to the people around them. Today, you want to be able to stay ahead of the pace of change and connect the dots between people, market strategy, growth strategy, and the experience your customers want to have. Equip your leadership team with the structure needed to co-create a clear vision, define the strategy to achieve it, and develop an action plan to clarify it for your organization.

Watch this quick video on the perception vs. the reality of unifying your leadership team.


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