Setting the foundation
for aggressive growth

As an early APN member with a ten-year AWS history, Six Nines wanted to continue to strengthen their alignment with AWS, advance their partnership and know they had highly effective messaging around their core competencies. They also needed to unify their leadership team, which was spread out across five states and two countries to accelerate growth. Their geographically dispersed leadership team needed to be aligned if they were going to reach their aggressive goals.

The Challenge

The Solution

Clarity on their unique differentiator for a complex set of offerings and practice areas Leadership team crafted a positioning statement they had confidence in
Messaging that spoke to each target audience Identified the most important messages by buyer group
Clarity around how Six Nines core values aligned with AWS principals AWS alignmnt exercise
Ensure tight unity for a geographically dispersed leadership team One-day GTM accelerator session with their leadership team
One clear brand voice to solidify experience across all mediums Develped Brand personality as a guide
A clear vision for the future, including future offerings Defined curent offerings, future offerings, and a long-term goal
Aligning marketing and sales efforts Created shared guidelines for marketing and sales
Choosing the right to opportunities to grow Created shared guidelines for growth

The Benefits

Decisions made in minutes
instead of days

An authentic vision that resonated with the leadership team created a high-level of confidence, which meant they use it as a guide for making decisions.


execution plan

These guidelines drove executions that are both strategic and tactical, aligning us company-wide. The AWS field understood when and where to engage us. We went from being unfocused to sought after.

On track to increase professional services annual revenue by 278%

With this clarity, we are pursuing ideal clients, generating enterprise leads through our website, and strengthened our relationship with AWS, leading to exceptional growth.

We are a highly skilled organization with ten plus years of experience. Vision Platform allowed us to develop a high level of confidence in communicating who we are and how to make decisions about accelerating our growth. The AWS field then had a high level of confidence in how to engage us. We went from being unfocused in our messaging to sought after.

—Jim Burnhan, Six Nines, Director of business development