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Ensure your company has a clear foundation for your core business

Does your leadership team agree on why your organization is radically different from the competition?
Is your organization committed to the same inspiring vision?
Can your leaders make smart decisions more quickly?
Do your employees know if their day-to-day tasks tie to a bigger vision?

Successful business leaders not only have a compelling vision for their organization, but they know how to communicate this vision to the people around them. Today, you want to be able to stay ahead of the pace of change and connect the dots between people, market strategy, growth strategy, and the experience your customers want to have. We equip your leadership team with the structure needed to co-create a clear vision, define the strategy to achieve it, and develop an action plan to clarify it for your organization.


  • Unify around a strategic vision
  • Build engaged and high-performing teams
  • Align your offerings with your market opportunity
  • Learn from your competitors and target your audiences
  • Lead with an exponential growth plan
  • Design the experience your customers want
  • Optimize your core business model

“We went from being unfocused in our messaging to sought after.”


Jim Burnham, Business Development, Six Nines
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Compete with new innovate business models

Do you have a process to evaluate your innovation ideas?
Do you have dedicated people working on innovation?
Do you have an innovation governance in place?
Do you balance structure and agility?
Are you disciplined about saying “no” to projects that take you off course? 

Many clients tell us their most critical issue is tapping into the latent capacity that exists in their organization to build a culture of innovation and compete with new business models. Such a culture is one in which innovation habits, such as understanding customers, bringing diverse groups together to develop solutions, sharing rough ideas, and experimenting come naturally and are part of day-to-day routines and rituals. This kind of culture is not the natural state in most organizations, where the default is to focus on executing today with ever-precise discipline, not inventing tomorrow.

We equip your team to build a culture of innovation through applied work by connecting your growth strategy to innovation scenarios. Your team will diagnose the root causes inhibiting success and work on initiatives that showcase new ways of working. We can help by serving as active members of key governance functions.


  • Prioritize industry scenarios
  • Explore and disrupt your customer journeys
  • Ideate and prototype new experiences
  • Design new competitive business models
  • Generate new profitable sources of revenue
  • Pitch your proposals
  • Manage multiple business models

“This morning we were considering scrapping our software product, but now we see how this can be a billion dollar idea.”


JT Giri, CEO, nOps
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Implement a continuous transformation

Can you easily pivot your business by geography, sector, product/services categories, and market segments?
How many business models are you executing?
Is your leadership mature enough to transform the company?

Transformation, viewed by many as a complex, painful, and deeply challenging leadership task, is about to become the “new normal.”  When transformation becomes the “new normal,” companies will need an entirely new playbook on strategy. Mastering ecosystems, extensively exploring portfolios, and world-class corporate venturing will become cornerstones of a new operating model.

The ability to successfully build transformational companies will be the premier leadership challenge for the 21st century. We propose the eight principles of transformation and a digital maturity model to help you prepare for the future – today.


  • Adopt a transformation culture
  • Standardize innovation processes
  • Manage a portfolio of business models
  • Leverage industry shifts
  • Engage new ecosystems
  • Explore corporate venturing
  • Build and execute a transformation roadmap
  • Assess digital maturity

“This should be taught in every MBA program. It’s efficient and comprehensive.”


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